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The Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Experience for yourself the Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal; The Advanced Technique of Extraction from our Body Sugaring Experts – a much more gentle method, greater diminishment of hair regrowth, as it is extracted in natural direction of growth… leaving smooth, longer lasting results! Sugaring is hypoallergenic, and excellent for eczema and psoriasis.

Upper Lip* $25
Chin* $25
Full Face* Includes Brows $69
Full Face* Excludes Brows $59
Eyebrow Shaping $30
Eyebrow Maintenance** $25
Lip, Chin & Sides $59+
Bikini Line $55
Partial Bikini Line $59
LA Bikini (Brazilian) $79+
LA Bikini Maintenance** (Brazilian) $69+
LA Male Bikini (Brazilian) $89
Chest $50
Buttocks $30+
Feet $15
Forehead $22
Abdomen $37+
Half Back $40
Lower Back $32+
Upper Back $59
Full Back $75+
Underarms $28
Half Arm $49
Full Arm $69
Lower Legs $54
Upper Legs $59
Full Legs $89+
Nose $20
Side Face $27
Ears $20
Breasts $30+
Hands $25

* Includes cold compress and Mineral powder application

**denotes service must be provided within 4 weeks of original treatment.


Body Sugaring Hair Removal


Body sugaring hair removal is worth going bare for. It’s the quickest, least painful way to achieve smooth skin. All natural ingredients (sugar, obvi!) and gentle product temperature make sugaring the tender choice for your beautiful bod. And with super-exfoliating benefits, even those of us with psoriasis or eczema will find it’s a safe and renewing hair removal process. For all your favourite parts of show off (even the most sensitive areas!), go with sugar for hair removal.

Sugar vs. Wax

We want the best for our clients, which is why we offer body sugaring hair removal instead of hot wax. Wax is made of resins which tear at live skin cells, creating more pain and potential irritation. Sugar is all-natural and removes dead cells only so it is safe for sensitive skin and has the added benefit of gentle exfoliation. Sugar is scooped fresh from a jar, not heated up in a pot, so the process is faster and sanitary. With body sugar, hair grows back finer, softer and fewer. Isn’t that sweet?

First time? Hooray!

You’re going to love the results of sugar hair removal and we’re going to do everything we can to make the process relaxing for you. It’s a spa treatment after all! Our body sugaring experts are friendly professionals with years of experience making each hair removal service comfortable for our happy clients. They’re available to answer your questions about sugar hair removal, so feel free to contact us ahead of your appointment.

Get Your Brazilian On

Our most popular service is also a perfect example of the benefits of body sugar. Less pain, less time and less returned hair growth = the best way to Brazilian.

Men’s Hair Removal, Too

Get booked and get hooked on body sugar hair removal for men. It’s the fast, effective way to remove unwanted hair without shaving! Enjoy the freedom of smooth skin with body sugaring at Without A Doubt.