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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

60-Minute – $129        90-Minute – $145

Using heated stones accompanied by warmed, essential oils and your Estheticians skilled touch, this treatment is sure to entice those tired, tense muscles to loosen, allowing you to drift into a deep and comforting relaxation.

Relaxation Massage

60-Minute – $79        90-Minute – $105

Alleviate your ache and pains with a customized massage treatment, designed just for you. Let your skilled Practitioner restore and
rejuvenate your body. This treatment will leave you and your body feeling revitalized and balanced.

“Chill Out” Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

30-Minute – $59

Start off with your personalized blend of essential oils to meet your specific relaxation needs. The high level of everyday stress and
tension experienced by many is stored predominantly in the upper back, shoulders, & neck. This treatment will help to relieve symptoms of stress and tension.