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New Éminence Organic Skin Care

Detoxifying Microgreens Complex Trio

Get your greens for lush and lovely skin with the new Detoxifying Microgreens Complex Trio from Éminence Organic Skin Care. The powerful ingredients in this series include stone crop, jojoba oil and a potent Detoxifying Microgreens Complex comprised of broccoli, radish, clover sprouts and Detoxophane from Swiss cress sprouts. These elements unify for gentle, all-natural rejuvenation. Combine for gorgeousness.

Ready to detox? Get all three at Without A Doubt Day Spa in Penticton, BC, where you can speak with an Éminence Organic Skin Care specialist at the spa for expert tips on maximizing the natural power of your Detoxifying Microgreens Complex Trio products.

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil

Start your detoxifying treatment with a luxurious, non-greasy formula that removes makeup and impurities with ease. The process is low-key; the results are high power. Experience renewed, glowy skin with every use.

Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant

Powder to foam exfoliant charges the skin with a light exfoliation care of microgreens, stone crop and rice flour with adzuki powder. Remove impurities and brighten skin to a new aura of gorgeousness with gentleness and care.

Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment

The magic happens in the night. With nutrient-rich jojoba beads melting softly as you apply this gel cream, there is patient nourishment in the Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment that defends against drying factors all the way through till morning. Awake with noticeably brighter, smoother skin.

Eminence Organic Skin Care At Without A Doubt Day Spa

For more information about the Detoxifying Microgreens Complex Trio, explore the Éminence Organic Skin Care website or contact a spa specialist at Without A Doubt Day Spa in Penticton, BC.

Book an Éminence Organic Skin Care facial treatment, such as the popular Éminence Signature Facial, which targets specific problem areas based on your individual skin profile. It’s personalized for you and is coupled with a neck, arm and shoulder massage teaser.