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Éminence Organic Skin Care – For VitaSkin™ Exfoliating Peels

targeted_treatments_collection_0The VitaSkin™ Exfoliating Peels are a collection of natural peel solutions that complement the existing routine for each of the four VitaSkin™ pillars: Firm, Bright, Calm, and Clear. These results-oriented home care peels, formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and natural active ingredients, deliver visible results without the need for downtime. These innovative, non-irritating peels gently remove dead skin cells and uncover a softer, revitalized complexion. Whether your skin care concern is reducing skin redness, clearing blemishes, diminishing the signs of aging or erasing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, there’s a VitaSkin™ solution to help you reveal your natural beauty. Ask your Spa Professional today to find the VitaSkin™ solution for you.